Voice (for Adults and Children)

Voice (for Adults and Children)

Adult Voice

As a licensed speech therapist, I am passionate about helping individuals overcome their communication and voice challenges. Most often people who are high-risk for Adult Voice Disorders include, but are not limited to teachers, performers, clergy, lecturers, receptionists, and group fitness instructors. Teachers in particular are highly susceptible to voice problems given the sheer amount of prolonged and projected voice use in the classroom (Roy et al, 2004). Other adults who require speech therapy for Neurogenic Voice such as people diagnosed with Parkinson's or ALS. I encourage you to learn more about Adult Voice Disorders. I currently provide treatment for Adult Voice Disorders.

Child Voice

Children can also experience voice challenges causing them to lose their voice frequently, or have a hoarse/raspy vocal quality. I do treat child voice disorders. I encourage you to learn more about Child Voice Disorders. I currently provide treatment for Child Voice Disorders.  

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